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pricing for private clients


For long-term commissions we will draw up a written commission agreement, which also includes the bases for billing, unless we are acting under official appointment. In any case, our client is entitled to receive a copy of our office tariff, which are freely available from our office.

In case you are unsatisfied with our service, please contact us at first hand.

Disputes concerning fees can be taken to the Disciplinary Board of the Finnish Bar Association. For more information, please visit the following address:


Disputes can also be taken up by the Consumer Disputes Board. For more information, please visit:



Right at the beginning of the commission we will also find out if the client is entitled to legal aid or if they are covered by legal expenses insurance. If the matter at hand falls into the scope of application of the Legal Aid Act (oikeusapulaki, 257/2002), we advise our clients to turn to another law office that handles such commissions or to a State Legal Aid Office.

Our pricing is primarily based on an hourly charge, which for private persons is 265 € per hour (incl. VAT).

None of the rates in the tariff include any direct expenses incurred during the commission, such as fees for court proceedings, registration fees or goods inspection fees.

Attorneys at law are always under obligation to follow the bases for legal fees approved by the Finnish Bar Association.