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Mediation / settlement proceedings as a form of alternative dispute resolution has been practiced by the Finnish Bar Association since 1999. Attorney at law Hannele Järvinen was among the first to be accepted into the Bar Association's list of trained mediators.


Mediation proceedings are confidential and are especially well suited for disputes where the parties intend to continue their co-operation or otherwise stay in contact also after the dispute is settled.

We always draw up a written agreement regarding the mediation proceedings beforehand, including the price of the mediation. Mediation may be utilized in disputes between private persons as well as business enterprises and also in family law, for example the distribution of matrimonial property.

There is also the option of court mediation, prescribed in the Act on mediation in civil matters and confirmation of settlements in general courts (laki riita-asioiden sovittelusta ja sovinnon vahvistamisesta yleisissä tuomioistuimissa, 394/2011). If the matter at hand falls into the scope of application of said Act, we suggest our clients to use the mediation procedure provided therein.