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description of personal data file


Law office is regarded as a controller, for the use of whom a personal data file is set up and who is entitled to determine the use of the file, or who has been designated as a controller by an Act.


According to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, Article 30 (GDPR)

The controller shall draw up a description of the personal data file, indicating:

1. the name and address of the controller and, where necessary, those of the representative of the controller;

2. the purpose of the processing of the personal data;

3. a description of the group or groups of data subjects and the data or data groups relating to them;

4. the regular destinations of disclosed data and whether data are transferred to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area; and

5. a description of the principles in accordance to which the data file has been secured.

The controller shall keep the description of the file available to anyone. This obligation may be derogated from, if necessary for the protection of national security, defence or public order and security, for the prevention or investigation of crime, or for a supervision task relating to taxation or public finances.

The Records of Processing Activities of Asianajotoimisto Hannele Järvinen Ky is available in ready-to-print format using the link below.